Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Birther Suit Laughed Out Of Court

An AOL poll? Okay then!Birther Queen Bee Orly Taitz has lost another round in her ongoing battle to prove that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. District Judge Clay D. Land of Georgia has dismissed her complaint and informed her that "the filing of any future actions in this Court, which are similarly frivolous, shall subject counsel to sanctions." Read the whole opinion, you'll enjoy it.

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silkyslim (#1,242)

I bet he used his Barack Obama super villian laugh LOL

Hez (#147)

"And in summary… SRSLY ORLY?"

TableNine (#1,104)


Mindpowered (#948)

Can I haz a verdictz plz.

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

This and the "Operation Rescue broke" news are making it close to a BEST NEWS DAY EVER.

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

Ok yes I'm a little bored.

gregorg (#30)

That's almost as nice as the court's evisceration of the Intelligent design farce. And 90% shorter!

NicFit (#616)

"Unlike in Alice in Wonderland, simply saying something is so does not make it so."

Nice one, your honor.

That was by far my favorite part.

Ron Obvious (#351)

Taitz once again upholds the sterling reputation of the legal education she received at the Lionel Hutz College of Law.

surlybastard (#665)

Taitz commented that the judge should be "tried for treason." At what point will such comments merit a rebuke from a bar association?

KenWheaton (#401)

About a convincing an argument for bringing back the stocks as any I've seen. Chuck her out in the public square and let everyone throw tomatoes at her and make anti-Dentite jokes.

WindowSeat (#180)

Can't wait for the West Headnote of the day with “Unlike in Alice in Wonderland, simply saying something is so does not make it so.”

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