Billboard's Chart Race Adds Fuel To Race War Fire

Elvis may have been a hero to most, but he hasn’t had a new album in over thirty years. And now, somehow appropriate during this week of full blown race war, Jay-Z has just displaced him as the American artist, and the solo artist, with the most no. 1 albums on Billboard‘s Top 200 albums chart, ever. Jay-Z is black. Elvis, who died in 1977, was actually white.

Jay notched his eleventh no. 1 by selling 467,000 copies of The Blueprint 3 over the past week, and now stands alone behind only the Beatles, who have 19 chart-toppers to their credit, in the ranks of artists with the most all-time. (The Beatles are white, but British, so that’s kind of different. Or, they were. Or… Well, the two Beatles who are still alive are white and British. The other two were so.) This is big news for Billboard chart geeks. And bigger news for race baiters of any persuasion.

Glenn Beck called Jay-Z a racist. South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson called Billboard‘s editorial offices in New York and screamed “You lie!” (And then apologized, and then autographed pictures of himself on the phone.) And Rush Limbaugh declared it “Another day in Obama’s America,” adding, “You put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety but in Obama’s America the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, ‘Yeah, right on, right on, right on.'” (Rush Limbaugh needs to work on his “black voice.” The phrase “right on” is a little Archie-Bunker-era, isn’t it?)

Not all of that preceding paragraph is true. But a lot of it, strangely, is.