Barack Obama, Racism and The Internet: An Annotated Gallery

Surprising is just how comically stereotypical the racial stereotyping is; they would seem laughably satirical had they not come from pointless, if uncreative, hatred. (Sources given where available.)


Obama’s Bling Grill
This is fairly straightforward. The kind of stuff one would expect from somebody whose entire understanding of another race comes from MTV.
Racist Grade: C-


Obama Bucks
Though Ombama Bucks have undergone great devaluation since their appearance during last year’s election, they are still strong on the racism. But Obama Bucks lose points for an uncreative use of fried chicken and watermelon and a dilution of its racist appeal with the “drinking the Cool Aid” suggestion.
Racist Grade: B


Obama the Chimp
Racist Photoshopping at its most lazy. This guy can hardly be bothered to hate. He probably shows up at KKK meetings asking to borrow a hood.
Grade: D –


Obama the Witch Doctor
This widely popular work has seen heavy use during the healthcare debate. In fact, it’s probably the image one will find most often on otherwise racism-free right-wing sites which implies that many conservatives don’t even see it as racist. That’s scary. This work is of the genre known as “Going African.” Bonus points for the extra effort to get the bone through the nose. But lost points for watering down the racism with the suggestion of communism.
Racist Grade: B+


Olde English in Africa
A simply stunning display here. The artist has managed to “Go African” while at the same time tying in stereotypes about malt liquor. It’s so powerful the artist hasn’t even bothered to add a political message.
Grade: A


Candidate 57, Bitches
The “Pimp Obama” genre is rich. This work, otherwise known as the “NYU Student Ricky’s Halloween Costume,” mixes the slang and accouterments of urban stereotypes. Lost points for the stick body. Bonus for the menthol cigarettes, a rarity in a scene stuffed with fried chicken, Colt 45 and watermelons.
Racist Grade: C+


Cream of Turd
Is catfish racist? Corn? BBQ? Who knows. Collard greens and pork “rines” certainly are. But Campbell’s soup? That seems like a white people food, no? Maybe the artist has seen to many Donavan McNabb and Ladanian Tomlinson commercials.
Racist Grade: C-


Lawdy, I Loves Complainin’
Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the talent. No further comment needed.
Racist Grade: A


The Trifecta
Of the many, many variations of the watermelon fried chicken, malt liquor school, this work is by far the cleanest. Bonus points for putting the fried chicken in his hand.
Racist Grade: A-


Swimming Watermelon
Easily the most playful entry, this watermelon as swim-wear shows a foundation solidly in classic racist imagery but with a flair for the surreal. Be on the lookout for this artist to be designing for Lady Gaga soon!
Racist Grade: A


The Others
A rare work where the racism is focused more on the black population as a whole with President Obama acting only as a conduit.
Racist Grade: B+


Lovers’ Drinking
Good God. This is masterpiece. Lost points for Heineken though; It may be the finest beer in the world. But it was JFK’s!
Racist Grade: A


Fried Chicken
For what this entry lacks in creativity and flair it makes up for with stunning lifelikeness.
Racist Grade: B


Oh, My
The piece de resistance of this little show. This work combines technical know-how with the most insidious of suggestion. One might not even be sure that is the President without a close look. Bravo, asshole.
Racist Grade: A+; Blue Ribbon

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