What Can't Bill Clinton Do These Days?

HAYYYThe Clinton Foundation announced today they’d gotten those monsters at Pfizer and Mylan to lower the cost of some drugs for TB and HIV in the “developing world” to just, in the case of TB, $1 a dose. (That’ll go over really well in countries like Haiti, where the average individual income is something like $1 or $2 a day.). But still-something that should have happened actually happened!

For the first time, a second-line regimen of four [antiretrovirals] will be available for under $500 annually. Additionally, the cost of a key drug for treating tuberculosis (TB) in patients using second-line ARVs has been reduced by 60 percent, to $1 per dose.

Just think! For 100% of your annual income, you can have AIDS drugs now. (“You” being “really poor person.”) But yes. In reality, however, this means that NGOs and health care agencies-and “leveragers” such as such as UNITAID-can actually afford to distribute these drugs, so, yay.