The Sgt. Pepper's Of Homages To The Sgt. Pepper's Album Cover

Last week we noted the great many parodies that have been made over the years of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover. But as you know, The Beatles have an even more famous album, with an even more famous cover image, that has been copied even more extensively than Abbey Road.

We’re talking, of course, about Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. How many times have we seen this particular bit of technicolor collage copied? Too many. Yet and still! This wonderful bit of interactive art from Complex represents the best of what has become a form of its own. And it represents the selfless nature of all quality web work: what must have been hours, maybe days, of tedious cutting-and-pasting and clipping and synching and whatnot. All to give a bunch of people you may never meet 30 seconds of pleasure. But what pleasure it is! You can drag and click to hear your favorite (or less-than-favorite) hip-hop personality express himself. Thanks, Complex!