Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

The Medieval-Style Hay Bed Vacation Vogue

The More Things ChangeSo apparently the hot new thing is to go to Europe and sleep on hay beds. CNN says so! Hay hotels. Yes, sure. "With private bedrooms and the option for 'real' beds, the 'Zum Alten Marstall' is at the 'luxury' end of the market. It also takes advantage of its position at the foot of the 11th century Castle Guttenberg by adopting medieval styling throughout. Here staff wear embroidered tunics and woolen cloaks and male guests are referred to as 'Knights.'" All the rancid eel pie you can eat! Also you get lice and, on weekends, all the peasants you can beat to death. But come Monday, its back to the serf-fields with you. Shrug. Europe! At least they're not killing Jews constantly, I guess.

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KenWheaton (#401)

Yay! Scabies for all!

jolie (#16)

1. Yes to all of this.
2. I feel like I read another article today about sleeping on hay? Somewhere? Farm vacations? Something. Anyway! Sleeping on hay is today's plate o' shrimp.
3. 'HAYYYYY' thrills my soul.
4. Maybe not so much yes to the lice part though.

Mindpowered (#948)

No eel pie. Thin gruel and suckling pig. No utensils either.

Well..maybe a communal knife.

Meeg (#309)

CNN's poor attempt to turn this into a recession trend story infuriates me.

I can't decide if this would be more or less comfy than staying in an ice hotel.

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