Tales From The Cocaine Bar

When I saw the words at first I thought it was this kind of bar, which would also be cool“Down in Route 36’s main room, the scene is chilled. A half-hearted disco ball sporadically bathes the room in red and green light. Each table has candles and a stash of bottled water, plus whatever mixers one cares to add to your drink. In the corner, a pile of board games includes chess, backgammon, and Jenga, the game in which a steady hand pulls out bricks from a tower of blocks until the whole pile collapses. If it weren’t for the heads bobbing down like birds scouring the seashore for food, you would never know that huge amounts of cocaine were being casually ingested.” Fun one from the Guardian about the world’s first cocaine bar. Some of you will no doubt dispute that designation; if you do so, please also provide coordinates. Servicey!