Sharon Horgan's 'Pulling'

I’m a little late to this one, but on Friday I read a review of the British comedy “Pulling” which noted that the show “starts off – right at the very beginning of episode one, series one – with a hand job. And it ends up with genital warts. That’s the kind of filth we’re dealing with here.” Well, obviously, this was something I needed in my life. I watched the first season over the weekend (Season Two is out here on DVD tomorrow), and, yes indeed, it is everything and more that has been raved about. You can read those links (and this or this) for plot and character information, but I will say that it does two things brilliantly: It is completely unsentimental about women and their relationships (to dizzying extremes), and it is one of the best examples of that British strain of humor where brutally uncomfortable situations are lingered upon long past the point where you think you can tolerate them. Strongly recommend.