Monday, August 31st, 2009

Marvel and NyQuil: Everything is Bad, Go to Sleep

picture-215In the wake of the Summer of Death and the colossally major news that Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion (a number that means "death" in Cantonese and is therefore avoided at all costs-not in enumerations of 4, obvs-in addresses, car license plates, cell phone numbers, etc., and, cue ominous, chongy music) and because Mr. Nasir "Nas" Jones says that sleep is the cousin of death, we must report the (in some circles, equally) important news that the soporific in Nyquil (doxylamine succinate) is found in much higher doses elsewhere. Namely Unisom (25 mg per pill vs. 6.25 mg in a 15 ml dose).

This may not be such the whoopin' end of Nyquil-but it is when you consider it can be purchased generically for about 75 percent of the retail price and that Unisom is misleading because their Quick dissolve tablets and gelcaps DO NOT use the good stuff (seriously, check any drug store, the one that needs re-upping is the original tablet kind).

The wrong kind uses the same ingredient as Benadryl, which is a racket, 'cause any OTC pillhead knows you can't sleep fitfully on the pinks. Also, vis-à-vis my dwindling attention span (side effect of what? Who can say!) we (me and Twitter) would like to now report that despite other reports of fanboys FUHREAKING out about the quality of the Marvel Universe maintaining its present state of awesome post Civil War radicalness that The Runaways (not the band) WOULD make a dynamite ABC Family TV show and we would watch the shit out of it and that, to those of us in the dork community, it kinda doesn't matter who owns what rights to theme park rides, because The Dark Knight (which should be an epic testament to physics and turmoil) at New Jersey's Great Adventure is utter garbage. Somewhere in the DC Universe someone is crying/NEEDS A NAP.

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One of us needs more drugs.

TodoTorto (#1,476)

Wow! I'm really agitated after reading that. I feel like I need to do something…not sure what or why though…

Abe Sauer (#148)

Also in Mandarin!

Mary HK Choi (#39)

I don't play that mainland shit.

Abe Sauer (#148)

Ha ha ha. Riiiiight. The Cantonese are the Jefferson Davis Dixielanders of China.

lululemming (#409)

I'm sorry, *which* way to the ladies' again?

BoHan (#29)

I take issue with this analysis of "The Dark Knight" if it be the same as "Batman" at Six Flags Magic Mountain. That ride puts the "Magic" in "Mountain." Maybe there are just crappy rides in New Jersey.

keisertroll (#1,117)

And even the uncopyrighted characters are getting into the NJ amusement ride suckfest:

Mary HK Choi (#39)

No, it's not. And that's what's so egregiously wack. Batman is great so you think The Dark Knight is going to be extra great and it's worse than Superman which everybody knows MAKES NO SENSE. In other news, the best ride of all is El Toro in New Jersey but the best character ride is The Simpsons ride in Universal Studios because it's in 3D AND when you go up to Maggie's mouth they spray you with baby powder. Going olfactory is extra extra great.

BoHan (#29)

We can all agree that "Superman" sucks major. 0 Gs my ass. Plus how many times do they close it a day for repairs? Like 40. Ahhh, common ground.

Yeah, but NyQuil has alcohol already mixed in it. And you can buy it on Sundays.

And in the spirit of servicey, for those of you overseas, in many countries it's marketed under the name "MediNait" (the second syllable pronounced "night". The more you know….

Rod T (#33)

I've been seething that The Awl had not written about this yet. So THANK YOU, Ladywoman.

NOW, can we please get coverage of the fact that Jaycee Dugard was reading Cat Fancy in her luxury baby-tent-camp?

Mary HK Choi (#39)

Also how maybe Jaycee led a terrible life of hell but maybe, just maybe, dodged a wee bullet in that the name allissa is just the tiniest, silver liningiest bit better than her given

Dan Kois (#646)

A lot of people have tried really hard to make RUNAWAYS into anything. Maybe now it'll finally happen.

Rod T (#33)

Also, in the DCU it is either Wonder Woman or Pariah that is crying. Or both. Forever.

Abe Sauer (#148)

And that's the Time-Warner universe, where the naps are needed. (?)

HiredGoons (#603)

Comic Book Heroes to Single-Handedly Save Publishing and Hollywood.

theDRA (#1,108)

sad, sad say, great column, and as for getting bit by the grape- I'd stay away from that old magic mountain maple syrup- it'll sting ya with the walking madness. ruff

vilkomerson (#37)

Team Unisom.

I have it on good authority that Nyquil is the active ingredient in Captain America's Super Soldier serum.

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