How the Surveillance Society Got the Craigslist Killer

I WOULD HAVE TOTALLY DONE HIMPhilip Markoff, the Craigslist killer, definitely one of our least favorite killers of all, gets the Maureen Orth treatment in the October Vanity Fair. What’s creepy is how it points out the sheer amount of tracking in our lives. For instance, they know you’re reading this website right now, at least if you’re at work, you future killer! This, you know, is a great thing when you’re trying to find a dude who kills people.

How extensively can you get tracked? Right down to your Camel Cash and your frequent flier miles, baby.

Markoff had about $1,600 in cash on him, and this would have been his 19th visit to Foxwoods in four and a half months. His first visit had been noted on December 8, 2008, when he signed up for the “Wampum” points awarded as perks for frequent gamblers. His presence had also been documented in the early evening of April 16, the night Melton was attacked. (Police were able to trace his Foxwoods visits by the computer records kept of his “burning Wampum.”)

The other best part is how everyone is like “Oh he was just a normal guy!” Yeah, except for attempted sexual assault in college, when people had to pull him off some classmate. But I guess that’s normal now.

Also there is a trannie who has naked pictures of Markoff (with his business held up against a ruler, even) and we suppose that’ll hit the Internet someday. Panopticon!