Thursday, August 27th, 2009

BlackBerry Loves Stupid U2 Song So Much They're Going To Play It For Us Again And Again And Again

bonoWell of course I think U2 is overrated, their longevity having now earned them a spot in the consensus rock pantheon that the quality of their music never would have otherwise. But to give credit where it's due, they have made some great music ("One" is about a well-crafted a pop song as you get, I think.) And Bono puts his money (or, well, other rich people's money, probably… but he puts his time and effort) where his mouth is when it comes to trying to make the world a better place. He's a force for good. Fine.

But this new BlackBerry commercial that's running every ten minutes on TV is burning through my goodwill fast. (I won't even put it up here. You've surely seen it more times than want to, right? Here's a link, if not.) Man, that is some crap, paint-by-the-numbers U2. All ringing high-notes guitar and bombastic melody and premature ejaculation. Even worse is the lyrics: "Every generation has a chance to save the world…" Yes, yes, we know, we know… Something something something and then: "I know I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight!"

Yulch. If you're going to go crazy either way, couldn't you save it for a night when we don't have to watch you bathed in sparkles and confetti or whatever, with the stage light reflecting off your futureman shades? Could you give us a break? It's been a long summer.

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sunnyciegos (#551)

As someone who has defended Bono against haters for many years now, I agree this commercial is maddening. Boos all around.

Moff (#28)

Seconded on all counts.

jfruh (#713)

Does anyone else experience the phenomenon where there's a band you actually like quite a bit and then all of the sudden their new album comes out and you realize that you don't want it? Even though you're perfectly happy to enjoy their older stuff you already have, you just have no desire to get the new ones? It's not that you're like "Oh, their last album sucked," it's just that you're kind of done with the band. This happened to me with U2 right around Zooropa, for whatever it's worth.

shorty (#885)

Snow Patrol.

Same here. I think that was the last one I bought. I honestly don't remember anything that's come out since.

HiredGoons (#603)

Modest Mouse.

slinkimalinki (#182)

yep. also i think i outgrew their lyrics. bono writes at a 15 year-old level, and once i stopped being 15 it stopped being awesome.

dado (#102)

Not only that, they rescheduled their Friday night show at Giants Stadium to Wednesday, and now I'll have to go to work Thursday with a pain in me noggin.

philomene (#355)

The fact that he is doing this ad is even weirder when you consider that Bono's private equity fund, Elevation Partners (yes, named after his song) is a major investor in the Palm Pre, which is supposed to challenge the Blackberry and iphone. Someone there must be pissed about these ads running every 4 seconds.

Moff (#28)

And after U2's big iPod campaign five years ago, the folks at Apple can't have been happy about the Pre thing. Even with Bono qua Bono being a more autonomous, separate entity from U2's business machine, it's pretty bizarre. But I guess since he's managed to both support and irritate all the major players in the PDA market, it all evens out?

lizp (#1,347)

"Yulch," heh. I'm totally using that.

HiredGoons (#603)

U2 sucks.

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