Friday, August 14th, 2009

Bill Wasik, I Bought Your Book!

FLASH THAT MOBDear Bill Wasik: I am totally convinced! I have now spent $9.99 on your book for my iPhone Kindle app. Hey. Also the interview thingie with Simon Dumenco was excellent. I heartily endorse that others should buy And Then There's This as well. Yours, The Awl.

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WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Commenters

Oooh, Bill Wasik! The hotflash mob that just devoured Cintra Wilson for her appraisal of the JCPenney racks saw your “the white-hot center of things, is like, a bunch of middle-aged fat people in a room sipping vodkatinis, and they’re not talking about anything interesting?” and they are foaming at the mouth! Owing mostly to exertion, but still!

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