The 'Town and Country' Profile Strikes Again: Elie Tahari Version

SoHo LoversThe August issue of Town and Country has arrived! I enjoy T&C, of course, because it is sealed off from the zeitgeist entirely. Recess-what? Spending crisis who? So the profile of designer Elie Tahari (who, among other things, co-founded Theory and sold his share for north of $50 million) is exceptionally pleasurable. They bought Rupert Murdoch’s old triplex penthouse in SoHo! In the neighborhood, his wife Rory goes to Bikram and they like to eat at Omen, on Thompson. “They always run into friends there. ‘Omen is the in-the-know neighborhood place for fashion people,’ says Rory.” YES WELL NOW IT IS RUINED, RORY! Oh but there are more fun quotes.

“The apartment allows even workaholics like Elie and Rory to balance the rigors of Seventh Avenue, family life and entertaining.” Ha, yes, 9000 square feet and an enormous roof will do that for one.

“Since moving downtown, the Taharis spend a lot less of their time at their summer weekend getaway, in Sagaponack, New York, where Rory rides her horse, Chocolate. Says Rory, ‘SoHo is like our Hamptons away from the Hamptons.” I love the construction “x is our y away from y,” particularly because it implies something complicated about the construction of one’s life. But truth be told, we should all have our x’s and y’s! Perhaps yours is your exboyfriend’s rented room in Greenpoint but it’s still your deluxe y away from x. Thanks Town and Country!