Monday, July 20th, 2009

The Happy Island Sounds Of Joy Division

Here, via Buzzfeed, is a steel drum cover of Joy Division's "Transmission." The video itself is a little disorienting, and the sound could be better, but if you can't enjoy this there's probably no hope for you.

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Rod T (#33)

Sort of a semi sequitur , but recommended for Mr. Balk: Other Music has a rerelease of Section 25's first album … It's great! Made my weekend!

Oooh, I am really dizzy now. Yet gratified.

But yeah that is HARD ON THE EYES/BRAIN.

It's like Nouvelle Vague, only your drink should have an umbrella in it.

nichelle (#645)

You never heard of the cover band "Jah Division"?

Good work, Earth people.

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