Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The Gilt Groupe: Online Discount ADHD Man-Cape Speed-Shopping

PAPAL FAGGOTRY"I logged on at 12 sharp, and I actually was able to place a summer dress and a sweater that I really liked in my cart. I was told that the items would be held for ten minutes while I continued shopping…. Only after I had completed the transaction did I realize what an ingenious strategy the Gilt Groupe employs. From the minute the sale begins, there is this pressing time constraint and all your most primal hunting/fighting/dominating instincts start coursing through your veins and I found myself in an absolute sweat as I scrolled through the items looking for something, anything that wasn't sold out, and that would actually fit me. Of course when my tie-died peasant skirt and weird asymetrical sweater arrive, it will be hard to recall the great sense of joy and triumph I experienced when purchasing them."

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KarenUhOh (#19)

Superman buys his capes in ten seconds.

Abe Sauer (#148)

I hate to be "the NPR Guy" but this is interesting in relation:"Ever wonder why you'll snap up a sweater "marked down" from $150 to $50 but pass up the very same sweater selling for "full price" at $50? Or why you'd prefer to pay more for an item than witness someone else pay less? Ever wonder why your own closet is cluttered with ill-fitting shoes and T-shirts in unbecoming shades? As we will see, science has the answer."

zidaane (#373)

If only the grocery store employed these methods…

GiovanniGF (#224)

I have the same strategy towards orgasms.

Clare (#516)

Gilt Groupe, ideeli, and their ilk would be cooler if it didn't take three weeks for your items to arrive.

BadUncle (#153)

Note to self: buy more clam diggers, huaraches and mylar nippled alter vestments for Clown Day.

hman (#53)

Hah, I thought a huarache was a Mexican sandwich, but it's also a Mexican sandal too? That's neat.

Rod T (#33)

Well, if no one else is going to do so, then let me. I NEED MORE CAPES!!!

Mackle (#446)

So this is from the Vatican's Fall collection, no?

Reminds me of Bacon's Pope Innocent X but with less of a goth overtone.

Rod T (#33)

Also: confession? I knew that was Thom Browne without even looking it up to confirm. This makes me, how do you call it, "socially aware"?

Does anyone know if there is a matching miter?

cynicalidealist (#1,120)

Gilt = eBay + Great Recession Schadenfreude

Conspicous consumption is bad; closeted, good.

What always amazes me is the skorts (and, yes, capes) that are sold-out ASAP. Are they Trojan Unicorns?

I've made one purchase in a year: a Marc Jacobs tux. For about the price of a rental.

BTW: The waitlist is how I got said tux. WAIT for it to sellout if you're on the fence. Delayed gratification is the new instant gratification.

Site is shaping up nicely, BTW.


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