The Gilt Groupe: Online Discount ADHD Man-Cape Speed-Shopping

PAPAL FAGGOTRY“I logged on at 12 sharp, and I actually was able to place a summer dress and a sweater that I really liked in my cart. I was told that the items would be held for ten minutes while I continued shopping…. Only after I had completed the transaction did I realize what an ingenious strategy the Gilt Groupe employs. From the minute the sale begins, there is this pressing time constraint and all your most primal hunting/fighting/dominating instincts start coursing through your veins and I found myself in an absolute sweat as I scrolled through the items looking for something, anything that wasn’t sold out, and that would actually fit me. Of course when my tie-died peasant skirt and weird asymetrical sweater arrive, it will be hard to recall the great sense of joy and triumph I experienced when purchasing them.”