Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

The Fiery Furnaces Want To Rock And Roll All Nite (And Party Every Day)

Brother-and-sister indie-rock duo the Fiery Furnaces have announced they will release two new versions of their new album I'm Going Away-one recorded solo by Matthew Friedberger, one by sister Eleanor. "Only the words will remain the same," says the statement. "Though in Eleanor's case, the singer remains the same. The song, never. Or mostly never." Both come out in September. Could be great! Except we remember when another little-known indie-rock band pulled a similar stunt…..

In October, 1978, on the heels of the mega-selling Destroyer album, and a slew of comic books, pinball machines, board games and a live action made-for-TV-movie, Kiss released four "solo" albums-one each from members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Frehley's contained the lovable time-capsule cover piece, "New York Groove."

So come September, definitely expect a full-on Kiss-style Fiery Furnaces-mania to sweep the nation. Oh wait, how did it go for KISS?

Says Wikipedia: "All four solo albums made it into the Top 50 of the Billboard album chart. However, the massive preorder for these albums was soon followed by an equally enormous attempt to ship them back to the record company, followed by the subsequent discounting of these albums once sales had (very quickly) peaked. The albums were also the first Kiss albums to be seen in the 'bargain bins.'"

Ah, "bins." Here is a song that we will be hearing two new cover versions of soon apparently.

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NicFit (#616)

Those 4 Kiss albums shipped a million copies each, so that they could "ship platinum". They ended up with warehouses full of unwanted albums, which probably ended up recycled as Blondie records.

Ted Maul (#205)

The Melvins actually already did the same thing back in 1992 – the cover art work even paid tribute to the Kiss albums. If memory serves, the Joe Preson one was pretty good, although my tolerance for that kind of thing was a lot higher back then.

NinetyNine (#98)

The Replacements sort of did this. They recorded 'All Shook Down' and then Westerberg started telling everyone it was his first solo album.

Hez (#147)

My friend had one of those KISS pinball machines in his basement up until like 2 yrs ago. It was pretty pimp.

Flashman (#418)

What, FF aren't also going to release a version performed by their yodelling Swiss-Greek great-uncle?

I'm curious how this is going to turn out. I hadn't realised we were supposed to be choosing our favourite FF singer, but now we're pretty much forced to! Is that the whole idea, to settle some sort of bet between them, a la Trading Places? Well, he tells a good story, but she does the same while being sexy and also kind of being able to sing(I'm a fan of their music, but I actually wouldn't say the singing is either of their strong suits) so I'm guessing E's will outsell M's, by a wide margin. Unless he does something sneaky like include a bonus DVD with his.

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