Thanks To David Plotz, It Is Nearly Always 'August' At 'Slate'

PLOTZ I TELL YOUIt does indeed, it has been brought to our attention, happen every year. In late July of 2001, just before irony died, David Plotz published a screed against August. (Let’s do away with it, he suggested in Slate!) Plotz, a Slater since day one, is currently the editor. His piece against August is nearly as long-lived as he is! The next year it was recycled, and the next, and the next (with an NPR link added!), and then IT DISAPPEARED in 2005 for reasons unknown. It then was recycled in 2006, with a wee excerpt, and THEN, in 2007, it was reprinted in full, and again last year. So far, in the fine year of 2009, we are still kept waiting for a new chance to read it again. Although! On Friday, came the “Abolish August Gabfest” political podcast, which we have not listened to, even though it includes the lovable John Dickerson. That put me on pins and needles. Will August appear again? Is Slate still committed to the abolition of August? Will they turn their back on this annual tradition, which is so much like an annual reading of A Christmas Carol and yet so much shorter in length?