Monday, July 27th, 2009

Skip Gates' Beer Will Be Watery, Domestic

Dear God why?Here's the most disturbing part about the entire Henry Louis Gates arrest story:

"I look forward to meeting Sgt. Crowley under more pleasant circumstances, and having that beer," Gates told the Globe yesterday in an e-mail, saying a date has not been set. He said he's partial to Red Stripe and Beck's. He may not get his pick, as they are foreign beers, which are not stocked at the White House, under a tradition dating to the Johnson administration.

Really? No goddamn imported beer? This is an outrage. Also outrageous? A man who needs a cane to get around being arrested for reacting uncivilly after being challenged by police in his own home. But the beer thing really pisses me off.

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jolie (#16)

Ask yourself this: Do you really want to listen to the bleating of a thousand Republicans insisting Obama hates America because he drinks imported beer? I thought not. ENJOY YOUR BUD LIGHT.

Abe Sauer (#148)

They gotta have something better than BL there right? Right? There are a thousand AMERICAN microbrews… get some Anchor, or Rogue or Red Hook or mmmmmmm Leinenkugels up in there. The cop can have Grain Belt.

jolie (#16)


HiredGoons (#603)

Coors Light is the Repub beer of choice – it's watery, doesn't get you drunk, and the owner is a Nazi in all but name.

sigerson (#179)

Coors Light is, shockingly, the number one beer in Manhattan.

Chairman Meow (#820)

It's never been expected / when the government's elected.

More politically correct domestic brews: Yuengling, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Pilsner and my fave domestic (mentioned by sauer): Anchor Steam.


Abe Sauer (#148)

So true. Of course the irony is that both Miller AND Bud have been acquired by foreign investors (S Africa and Belgium, resp.) mmmmmmm anchor…. Too bad Delirium Tremens isn't domestic.

Anchor Steam and Yuengling, definitely. Too bad they don't still make Knickerbocker.

Matt (#26)

LOL Budweiser is totally Belgian dawg.

HiredGoons (#603)

Why doesn't anyone drink Mead? it's delicious!

jolie (#16)

You aren't hanging out at nearly enough Renaissance Faires.

HiredGoons (#603)

methinks you doth protest too mucheth!

One Schlafly Dry-Hopped APA please. Yes, just start a tab.

ljnd (#86)

Brooklyn Lager. Dogfish Head. Stone IPA. Wolaver's.

Pabst (Red, White, and) Blue Ribbon!

atipofthehat (#797)

Or, as Dennis Hopper used to say (Blue Velvet):


Abe Sauer (#148)

Or, as Jack Nicholson said in The Last Detail: "Heineken? It's the finest beer in the world! President Kennedy used to drink it"

NicFit (#616)

This kind of douchey bartender once told me this whole long story about how Coors Light is the only light beer with all the alcohol of regular beer because of some secret brewing process they developed.

It sounded like bullshit, but I've noticed I drink more Coors Light now. And it can definitely get you drunk.

HiredGoons (#603)

I canNOT get drunk off Coors Light.

Tulletilsynet (#333)

Me neither. What you can't drink, you can't get drunk off.

sigerson (#179)

Blue Point (Hoptical Illusion IPA)
Fat Tire
Polygamy Ale (why have just one)
Shiner Bock (only good beer from Texas)
Arrogant Bastard Ale
Hazed & Infused
Yellow Snow Ale

tyadams (#1,226)

You, sir, have great taste in beer. Include Terrapin's Big Hoppy Monster and Brooklyn Lager and you have most of my favorite brews. Cheers!

hman (#53)

This is the third Pavement reference I've come across in my day today!

grandpa27 (#804)

I vote for Canadian Ace – a

grandpa27 (#804)

GANGSTER BREWERY – In 1919, gangster Johnny Torrio bought the Malt-Maid Brewery at 3901 S. Emerald. The property took up almost the entire block. He changed the name to the Manhattan Brewing Company and hired Lou Greenberg as resident manager. When Greenberg, a pal of Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Dion O'Banion and Hymie Weiss became owner in 1933, he changed the name to the Canadian Ace Brewing Company and the entrance was changed to 3954 S. Union.
A Chicago Beer They do things up brown in the windy city.
On December 8, 1955, Lou Greenberg, former owner of the Canadian Ace Brewery, and his wife Pearl, had dinner at the Glass Dome hickory barbeque pit at 2724 S. Union. When they left the place and walked across the street to their car, two men stepped from the shadows, killed Greenberg with their 38s and calmly walked away. It was reported that ten days earlier, Greenberg had defied a friend of Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti's son in a business matter. Greenberg left an estate of $4 million. One of Nitti's cousins who attended the funeral said, "Now he's the richest son of a bitch in hell."

khdetw (#1,220)

Yuengling Black & Tan is the clear choice.

whowhahuh (#57)

Sigerson wins, best list posted thus far. Yes, everything IS a competition.

tyadams (#1,226)


Anchor Liberty. Duh.

graves666 (#1,223)

Ommegang Brewing, Cooperstown, New York
Avery Brewing, Boulder, Colorado,
Russian River Brewing, Santa Rosa, California
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, Delaware

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