Monday, July 27th, 2009

Sarah Palin Train Choo-Choos Into The Sunset

Almost eleven whole months after a 71-year-old man introduced her to an incredulous world as his choice to serve as President of the United States should something happen to him, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has stepped down from her office. You can watch the full speech above; it is pretty much what we've come to expect. But here's some local color that is equally representative of the emotions she was able to inspire during her brief time as a national figure.

Before addressing the crowd in a park with an ersatz frontier main street and encircled by a choo-choo train that was once called "Alaskaland," Palin spent hours under a tent serving hot dogs and greeting admirers. Some of her most passionate supporters were from out of state and had interrupted or planned vacations to catch a glimpse at the outgoing governor.

Two Texans holding up pro-Palin signs said they drove on Harley-Davidsons some 4,000 miles north from the Ft. Worth area to check out Alaska and see the woman they want to be the next president.

But there were also a handful of individuals who came out to the picnic to register their displeasure at Palin, and at times some of her supporters turned their attention from the picnic to her opponents.

Larry Landry of Fairbanks was standing next to a friend, holding up a sign that said, "Thanks For The Laughs," when he was heckled by a passer-by.

"Well, look here it's a couple of gay guys, couple of gay fellas," remarked the passer-by.

Charming. On a sadder note, here's her final official Tweet. While I might not have always agreed with everything Palin has twitted in the past, fairness compels me to concede that this is the most direct, clear, and comprehensible statement she's ever made on the microblogging service.
I never knew she cared about me.
Goodbye, Sarah! I wonder… will we ever see your like again?

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Patrick M (#404)

I hope that whatever her new Twitter page looks like, she will still be able to sign it with a gel pen

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

My handwriting analyis of her signature suggests she's hiding a great deal, is psychologically unstable and thinks she's more important than you—i.e., anyone.


KarenUhOh (#19)

Jesus Christ. I lasted ninety seconds on that soaring, carving, frozen pipeline of moose drool.

*sniff* By God, we'll miss you, Sarah…*sniff* You'll always be…*sniff* America's Classy Lassie. *sniff* Together we stand!

"Suggesting perhaps some American apologetics," soon to be a tatoo on Heidi Montag's forehead.

ecgroom (#570)

The first few minutes is classic Sarah-crazy-talk…she lost me after ~5 minutes.

hman (#53)

Oh great, now I want a turkey burger.

Mike Licht (#1,034)

The resignation ceremony itself was dignified yet highly emotional.


rsynnott (#1,208)

Last state tweet, heh.

(Wow, the last state tweet has actual complete words in it! That's a first.)

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

She's like those mutterers on the train who need you to listen, and then when you do, your brain touches the cold crazy inside them and you know real fear.

Hez (#147)

I hope she doesn't get too bored after public life. With any luck there'll be enough pregnant teens to pressure into keeping babies, otherwise I predict she'll be back like whack-a-mole.

EvilMonkey (#1,063)

Sarah Palin, a pathological liar to the very end. It took her 17 seconds to hit the first note, "It is always great to be in Fairbanksssss". No, it isn't. Even people who were born and lived in Fairbanks their entire lives will tell you it is NOT always great to be there. Hear that steam escaping at the end of her lie? That's one of her tells.

I grew up in, and have lived my entire life around, the military community. This is why I hate this woman. Her use of the military as a personal adornment is pornographic. I cannot get any further into her vomitous eruption than 43 seconds.

Too angry for words, except to say, good riddance to bad rubbish. She's not our Governor any more. Now she is your (lower 48) problem.

sigerson (#179)

I love that she's a big liar with her pants on fire who repeatedly demands that the media "stop making things up." HILARIOUS.

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