Random Chris Brown Wedding Video Makes Him The Luckiest Person Alive

WEDDING LADYIt was disgusting when a car commercial sold two million albums for Sting. It was really very cool when a different car commercial introduced the music of the late Nick Drake to way more people than had ever heard of him when he was alive. But the Chris Brown wedding video tearing up the Internet looks to be the most surreal route to a career comeback since… umm, Flavor of Love.

Six months after famously and horribly beating his girlfriend and fellow R&B singer Rihanna, Chris Brown is blazing up the iTunes top-sellers chart. Not because of the public mea culpa video he recently issued. But because Minnesotan newlyweds Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz happened to choose a song he released more than a year ago as the music for the wedding entrance that over ten eleven! million people have now watched on YouTube.

What kind of weird bloodletting ritual did Chris Brown have to perform with Lucifer to get that going?