Monday, July 6th, 2009

Penny-In-The-Slot Aficionado Passes

The obituary of Captain Humphrey Drummond offers one of those moments where the Shavian dictum about "two countries separated by a common language" seems to be an understatement:

It is unusual for a gentleman to change his name on marriage to that of his wife. But very little about Humphrey Drummond and his colourful life was usual. Born Humphrey ap Evans, of Welsh descent, he acquired the name of his wife, Cherry Drummond of Megginch, by decree of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, taking on not only the inheritance of an old and distinguished Scottish family, but also a fine, if crumbling, castle in Perthshire. Thereafter he devoted himself to both, filling Megginch Castle with antiques, notably a collection of Victorian penny-in-the-slot organs, as well as hunting dogs of various breeds, with whom he indulged his favourite sport of falconry.

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El Matardillo (#586)

Normally, you'd have to read Time Out, New York to find out about penny-in-the-slot organs, so Tip of the Hat to you, Balk.

dado (#102)

But is the castle still crumbling?

sigerson (#179)

I don't understand how you involve hunting dogs in falconry (other than as prey). Maybe it was a competition between the two hunter animals to see which one would reach the rabbit or fox first?

propertius (#361)

The dogs enjoy watching.

Either that, or the falcons are trained to drop the catch in the bushes, and the dogs then have to find and retrieve it.

Patrick M (#404)

"..upon which he ate a ham, butter and Branston pickle sandwich and referred to "public" schools as "private" schools (and vice-versa) and also something something bad teeth."

sigerson (#179)

and then he "tabled" a motion and the Americans thought the meeting was over. But it had just begun.

This guy was a walking Wes Anderson character.

sigerson (#179)

This is the most awesome obit everrrrr. The part about his wife proving a claim to the title Lady Strange and then GETTING A SEAT IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS???

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