PARK OUTRAGE: HSBC Ad Campaign and the Lawyers Have Taken Over Madison Square Park

What follows is a picture of the legal disclaimer that you “sign” just by walking into one of New York City’s fine public spaces today: Madison Square Park. This is it! This is the moment that the machines and the lawyers have taken over, creating a Bloombergian cyst of revoltingness! (The lawn of the park, by the way, is closed, so don’t try to use your public space today, because the CITY HAS SOLD IT TO HSBC.) What is going on is that the bank called HSBC is having what they call a “soapbox” thing where you, the “park attendee,” stand in a kiosk, in front of a picture of a baby or a gadget or a nuclear power plant and explain to cameras how it makes you feel, while you are digesting your Shake Shack burger. THEN THEY WILL MAKE ADS OUT OF YOU.

[Photo: Rod Townsend]