Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

One Million Served


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sigerson (#179)

Congratulations! I have been "that guy" posting links on facebook and emailing to my friends specific stories that they might like. I look forward to more.


brent_cox (#40)

Similarly sincere congratulations.

ljnd (#86)

Hooray hooray!!!!!

Abe Sauer (#148)

Web analytics. Zo zexy.

Hez (#147)

I'M JUST HERE FOR THE PILE OF SWEATERS. They get ignored in this heat and I don't think that's right. Someone needs to care.

Well done! I look forward to the day when you can start paying off your investors (not that I am one, sadly)…

davidwatts (#72)

lovely work, friends.

Woooooo! Color me thrilled, guys!!

kryz (#311)

May I say, you Sirs operate the finest whorehouse around!

KarenUhOh (#19)

It's wonderful and all, but, um, 465,000 of these visits were me.

TribalPottery (#1,262)

Congrats! I'm sure Nick Denton would be proud.

SuperMargie (#1,263)

*Sniff*! You are growing up so fast!

Oh boy, I've found the *secret post*. This reminds me of the secret message on Pink Floyd's the Wall. When you played it backwards, as I recall, it said something like: "Congratulations. You've found the secret message."

Actually, it was like the lamest secret message ever.

This one is much better. Congratulations, guys! Post another one of these when you MAKE your first million!

Peter Feld (#79)

0 seconds spent on the site! That doesn't sound like much, I know. But multiplied by 1 million….

Fredrick (#268)

Wow, the internet really gets all up in people's business, huh?

SeaBassTian (#281)

I'm excited that you've reached this historic milestone but I'm disturbed by that short visit length. 0 Seconds?

mathnet (#27)


Jasmine (#8)

Hearty Congrats sent your way!

If you really wanted to find out who the one millionth visitor was I'm sure some internet-wise person could track down the IP address doing technical things about which I know nothing.

Or not. Blah. All I know is that there's a certain section of the internet who things IP addys should be guarded as one guards their SSN. By which I mean, put it on basically any application for anything that anyone fills out ever.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Anyway, CHEERS!

This Bud's for you, guys (Actually it's Pinot Noir).

I see I am late to the party but congratulations anyway.

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