No More Music Magazines: The Problem With Publicists and the Celeb Industrial Complex, Part XXVI

BEYONCE'S HOT PANTSSlate‘s Jonah Weiner writes a good piece about why music magazines are dying. Part of the problem is what they like to call “access”: “When I profiled Beyoncé for a 2006 Blender cover story, I was granted one hour to interview her and one hour to observe her at a video shoot. I stayed on the set for three hours, hoping to wring some lively detail from the mundane proceedings, until a bodyguard showed me the door. Beyoncé’s mother, Tina, gave me a warm goodbye, then called a publicist to chew her out for letting me hang around so long and accused me of ‘going through Beyoncé’s underwear.’ (I’d quizzed a seamstress about a pair of hot pants she was mending.)”