Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

How Artists Must Dress

SAARS"The affluent artist may make a gesture of class solidarity by dressing poorly. She is advised to keep in mind that, at an art opening, the best way to spot an heiress is to look for a destitute schizophrenic. Middle-class or working-class artists, the destitute, and the schizophrenic can use this principle to their social advantage."

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BadUncle (#153)

"Writers should dress like bankers."

Yukio Mishima quoting Thomas Mann

"The careless purveyors of high culture are
presented with clear alternatives. One of them is
finally to be fixed as the harmless class, the
dangerous harmless class, the social and historical
scum; for the most part, the bribed flunkey (tool)
of reactionary intrigue, the worst of all possible
allies, absolutely venal and absolutely cunning, a
wholly indefinite disintegrated mass thrown here
and there, rich and poor, offal, organ-grinders, rag-
pickers, mountebanks… The helpless dregs who turn
in circles between suicide and a tedious madness
incapable of the uncritical violence which is their
true heritage, a plague zone which can’t be cleansed
by the plague. Or they can seldom find their way
around the countryside, recognise that they are a
non-working, not-working class â€" penny capitalists â€"
and ask themselves what that means: become people
in process."
–Art and Language

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