Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Henry Louis Gates Arrester Once Tried To Save A Black Guy, Okay???

MUST LOVE BLACKSYou know what argument never really works? The old "I am not a racist because I put my lips on a black man during CPR in 1993" one. To be fair, I do sorta feel for the guy who arrested Harvard prof Henry Louis Gates a little because it is possible he is a bit dim and a not very good cop and really uptight and controlling and a little nuts, instead of a racist. Or I did feel that way! Until an anonymous Cambridge cop told the Boston Globe: "The fact that the Police Department dropped the charges [against Gates] makes the police officer look like he is wrong." Oh, wow.

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KarenUhOh (#19)

He has attended Patriots games, and once cheered a Randy Moss touchdown catch. He also has reportedly watched several episodes of 'The Cosby Show' with the sound on.

rj77 (#210)

"Those sweaters are pretty snazzy," he's reported to have said.

mjwilstein (#934)


Abe Sauer (#148)

This really all needs to be in Massachusettsese:
"I waaaasn't wahhhking on fackin' Reggie Lewis the baaahsketball plaayya'. I waaaaaasn't wahhhking on a sahm fackin' dahhhkie." Sgt. James Crowley told the Boston Herald. "I waaaahs wahhhkin 'on another fackin' human bein'."

"Ah gaht nothing to 'pologize fah." Crowley said of the arrest. "It will nevah happen. Nawt never. So gah fack yourselfs."

Abe Sauer (#148)

Also. LOVE the ad served with this. Perfect.

HiredGoons (#603)

*clap *clap *clap

Abe Sauer (#148)

I know. so low. I'm a little ashamed.

I think you're kind of misinterpreting that last quote you use. At the end of the article, it says:

"But several officers, all of them white, described Crowley as a well-liked officer, and one dismissed the allegations of racism.

That officer, who insisted on anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters, said, “Racism is not part of it, and that is what is frustrating. The fact that the Police Department dropped the charges makes the police officer look like he is wrong.’’"

The meaning in context seems to me to be that the anono-cop is saying the guy is not wrong (and not a racist), it's just that the charges against Gates being dropped make him appear that way, as opposed to what you're implying,(or what I think you're implying), which is that the anono-cop is saying that based on the evidence he's wrong (and a racist). I still think that cop was wrong, though, race or no race, fuck cops, I have never had a good experience with one. I was walking my dog in a deserted park after a rainstorm the other day and a cop drove up beside me in his cruiser (they just drive on the bike path) and gave me the fucking third degree about her not being on a leash, even though I was walking within about two feet of her carrying her leash as well as carrying several plastic bags and overall being the picture of a responsible pet owner. After quizzing me on where exactly I lived and how old I was, he finally told me to "watch it" and then drove off slowly. I had tangled the leash when I put it on her because I was freaked out about being hassled by the cop and so after he left, I took it off for about three seconds to readjust it and he TURNED AROUND and CAME BACK to hassle me again, before going on to drive slowly and creepily behind a female jogger. Fuck cops.

Oh, unless you're implying that it's just white cops looking out for another white cop, in which case sure, totally. (

HiredGoons (#603)

Maybe he's just an asshole?

whowhahuh (#57)

He's in/from the Boston area correct?

GetItOn (#1,182)

In George Carlin's last recorded performance, he talked about how cops lie all the time to support one another. This is the height of dickishness. The man had two forms of ID showing he lived there. So what if he twisted off on them (and we don't know what happened), he was in his freakin house. This smells bad like the dickish cop thought he was getting all uppity with him. This would have been embarassing to go to court and get the full story, but I still hope they do.

Bostonismyhome (#1,207)

Here is an article that ran today in the Boston Globe. Everyone has been very quick to judge what went on — one of the false stories is that the "neighbor" is some kind of racist because she called in the 911 report. I hope you'll post this because that assumption is flat out false. I would also point out that everyone is spinning now: note how the writer says that "Gates later suggested that his arrest on disorderly conduct charges was because he is black". Really? All account have him accusing the officer during and after the incident as fact, not suggestion.

As a Bostonian this story is incredibly frustrating… it's such an easy story isn't it? Boston = racism. This city is no where near perfect when it comes to race relations but it is a lot better than it used to be and most of us continue to work on it with hope and understanding.

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