Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Future British Prime Minister Lets Loose On Air

Spot of bother for David Cameron, leader of Britain's Conservative party and, barring The Rapture, next Prime Minister of Knifecrime Island: He had to apologize for using the word "twat" in a radio interview (the subject, of course, was Twitter). Also, he used the words "pissed off" to describe the electorate's feeling about politicians, which lead to this delightful exchange with his press secretary after the interview, as related by the radio show's host.

He said (to her) 'That seemed to go OK.' She said 'Yeah, apart from the language.' He said 'Oh, yeah, pissed, sorry about that, I'm really sorry.'… She said 'No, it was the twat.' He said 'That's not a swear word.' I think he must be posh, where a lot of them don't think twat is a swear word. His press secretary went 'It is.'

The host also noted that, fine-wise, "twat" was pretty low down on the list of offensive words. There are indeed jewels in the crown of England's glory, and every jewel shines a thousand ways.

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Ted Maul (#205)

When I was a little schoolboy, I used to sometimes get a lift home with one of my friends. His mother was a very sweet, but very posh, lady. When she was annoyed with my friend, she'd yell at him, "Philip, you twat!" which I always found very odd. So I think it is a class thing – I don't think she had any idea it had any sexual/rude meaning at all, and it sounds like Cameron doesn't either.

Twat is the only word for the female apparatus, vulgar or otherwise, that I have ever heard my father use, and he's a doctor.

But I still want to take a cheese-grater to David Cameron's family's faces just to see him saddened. I can't stop him being PM but maybe, just maybe, I can make him briefly unhappy. Although I'm sure he'd find a way to use the incident to take ordinary people's money and give it to rich people, his sole aim in life.

I hate David Cameron.

A lot.

Mr Fist (#1,236)

David Cameron is a cunt.

Correction: Several gigantic cunts.

El Matardillo (#586)

Knifecrime Island is the best moniker I've ever had the pleasure to read.

Two commenters united by an uncommonly good moniker.

Flashman (#418)

David Cameron seemed to me to be a pretty nice guy, in person. He came to 'open', in some sort of official, photo-op way, the new offices of the architecture firm I was working for in Oxford – DC was the local MP. He was likable enough, but didn't exude any sort of Clintonesque charisma so I was enormously relieved, thinking that there would be little risk that he would be able to lure voters away from the pretty successful, all in all, Labour Party. That was 2006. Not long after that things suddenly got really bad for the Labour Party and the rest of the UK, so yeah, chances are this kind of bland guy will be the next PM.
It could be worse, I guess I'm sayin.

The word 'twat' was definitely a favourite put down (often said with some affection) of my co-workers in Oxford, who were pretty much all rabid Jeremy Clarkson Tories.

Mr Fist (#1,236)

Finding him a "nice guy in person" is no refutation of his essential cuntitude.

It's a shame you didn't have a cheesegrater to hand.

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