"Entourage" Season Six, Episode Two: A Recap

It's always something else with these guysLast week’s premiere of “Entourage,” season six, was far and away the best episode of the show so far, and it was with more than a little dread and anticipation that I tuned in last night. Could they top, or even maintain, the incredible level of gritty realism and surprise they were able to deliver in the first show? My fears were misplaced: Last night was, if anything, even more explosive than the previous episode. Let’s recap! [WARNING: This recap is full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the show yet, do not read on.]

The gang’s attempt at an intervention having failed, Vince’s heroin addiction is starting to attract media attention. When celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (played by Barbara Lavandeira) photoshops a needle into Vince’s arm and writes the caption “I am a big junkie,” Ari finally decides to take things into his own hands, telling Lloyd that if he really wants to be an agent, he has to help Vince detox, by himself, and make sure that the press doesn’t get wind of it. Then he calls Lloyd a “sucker of cocks.”

Things are going much better for Johnny Drama. A chance encounter with Steven Soderbergh at Dick Wagoner Muffler in Lawndale leads to Soderbergh casting Drama as Vinnie Barbarino in his big-screen adaptation of “Welcome Back, Kotter.” At first Drama is overjoyed by the opportunity, but is soon mired in self-doubt when he realizes that the script is actually a complex meditation on difficulties of remedial education in the inner city. (There are also tensions with the studio, which objects to the director’s plan to intercut the action with documentary footage of actual at-risk Bensonhurst high school students from the ’70s.) The shoot allows for some classic “Entourage” guest stars: apart from Soderbergh himself, Soulja Boy, Emile Hirsch, and Benicio del Toro (playing themselves playing Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington, Horschack, and Epstein, respectively) all show up to deliver knowing and affectionate self-parodies.

Turtle’s relationship with Sandra Oh ends abruptly when she’s cast on “Doctor Chicks,” a new show which quickly becomes a hit. Despondent, but still determined to partner with someone from another successful HBO show of the past, Turtle takes up with Wendie Malick from “Dream On,” who delivers a knowing, winking performance as herself. (The two are rumored to be a couple in real life.)

How annoying is the Eric character? “Look at me, I’m E! I whine a lot and take shit from everybody!” Fuck that guy.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger. Lloyd has lured Vince to an abandoned shack in the desert with the promise of something called “gay heroin,” which is apparently more fashionable and slimming than the other kind. Once there, he locks Vince in a room and tells him he’s not coming out until he is completely off smack. Adrian Grenier once again delivers an astounding performance; in a montage showing the agonies of withdrawl (set to the Jonas Brother’s cover of “Hallelujah”), Grenier convincingly shits himself not once but three times. However, Lloyd, in a bout of happiness at his imminent promotion, goes out to celebrate and Vince escapes. In the last scene we see Vince approaching Ari’s house with a large knife and a thirst for blood. And heroin.

I don’t know how they’re going to resolve it next week, but if you know anything about “Entourage”-the least predictable show on television-it’s to expect the unexpected. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUNDAY.

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