Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Bud Light: When You Need Something Suitable To Help Stop The Bleeding

Apparently being arrested wasn't enough of an insultOur national conversation on beer will hopefully reach its conclusion this evening at 6 P.M., when President Obama, Henry Louis Gates, and Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley gather together in the White House and crack the top on an ice-cold Bud Light. The obvious political pandering in the selection of beverage ("Democratic political consultant Chris Lehane noted Bud Light traces its roots to Missouri, one of the nation's hardest fought electoral battlegrounds in recent years") has caused some controversy, in that Bud Light is neither technically American (Anheuser-Busch was acquired by Belgian-Brazilan consortium InBev last year) nor technically beer (Bud Light is a combination of frog urine and carbonation), but given that the whole event will not technically be any kind of real conversation about race, it seems oddly appropriate.

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How was Dave Matthews not invited to this summit?

andrea (#1,025)

Isn't all beer technically some part frog urine?

binkysdream (#173)

While I love Obama as much as the next bleeding heart liberal, he continues to disappoint in small ways. He wears mom jeans when throwing out the first pitch at the Allstar game? And now he drinks Bud Light? I'm guessing he rocks out to Coldplay too.

"Bud Light is a combination of frog urine…"

What, is it pee day or something there today?

Just imagine if Obama choose an IPA, what with outsourcing being such a hotbutton issue.

brianvan (#149)

Bud Light, the official beer of teaching moments.

You never want anything too heavy for beer pong.

And, frog urine and carbonation is Budweiser. Add water and you get Bud Light.

Now I know how the Geighs feel.

Also teh geighs.

Flashman (#418)

That's such BS. Obama's favourite beer is Kronenbourg.

Abe Sauer (#148)

See, if Clinton would have served some Coors at Camp David that trilateral statement would be tiiiiiiiight.

MollyBloomberg (#1,169)

You know those really lib-friendly movies about a really cool president starring Kevin Klinely-McDouglas or whatnot? This is how that president would respond. Except in the movie, the country would tearfully unite around his decent gesture of bringing the parties together over a beer.

You see? Real life sucks donkey.

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