Friday, July 10th, 2009

26 Awesome People Arrested, Released In Capitol Building Protest

You know who are actually American heroes? The 26 people arrested yesterday in support of needle exchange legalization. Obama's platform has always been pro-needle exchange, but when he submitted the budget back in May, it still included the old language banning spending on needle exchange. The White House's last statement was that they wanted to handle this legislatively and also to build public consensus on needle exchange. Since then: nada. And that is extra-stupid: public health is way outside the realm of man-on-the-street approval ratings. There are 20 years of needle exchange studies and that the White House is back-burnering this is outrageous-and way more outrageous than back-burnering Don't Ask Don't Tell. (Though it is less sexy than DADT. I mean who doesn't like seeing the hot gay soldiers on the T.V.? Except when you remember that they are all in the killing business. But whatever!)

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KarenUhOh (#19)

I realize he has a lot of things "on his plate," as the overweight phrase is deployed. But he also has people for matters like this–a staff, a cabinet, a Health and Human Services Muckity Muck, and so much of this can be handled on those levels.

A lot of basic shit that needs doing is no-brainer. With all the quicksand despair issues for which there aren't easy solutions, we ought to leap at positive changes wherevever and whenever. This is basic, ground-level stuff.

And fuck the Moral Right in advance for advocating dirty needles for gays through whatever subterfuge half-baked Constitutional flag-waving they concoct.

lawyergay (#220)

Obama's presidency is turning into an unbelievably depressing clusterfuck.

Us olders have such vivid memories of the early days of AIDS. So I suppose for the rest of you, that flips me out because GODDAMN THAT WAS 20 YEARS AGO WHY ARE WE STILL YELLING ABOUT IT?.
Uh, calm down. Humanity progesses slowly, to our sadness.

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