Two Things To Read Regarding The Internet Being Free, And Work Also Being Free

RAY OF FLASHTwo things to read! Why I Write For Free, which has to do somewhat with this Ben Kunkel n+1 recent piece about the experience of the Internet, which we could barely address except via LOLcat last week, but also about the current FUROR that apparently is raging about the state of unpaid labor in the online writing industry. (Agreed: It is bad when rich people cannot find room in their business plans to pay poor people!) And also here are some people talking about the Bill Wasik book, And Then There’s This, which is about, its subtitle says, “How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture.” Those people include web kingpin Anil Dash, who notes wisely: “I like music that makes me shake my ass. I like my memes to be fun, created by people who are enjoying what they do.”