The Sagacity Of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, or so says Google Image SearchAs an old person, I long ago gave up on trying to keep up with the kids. I have no idea what they’re watching or how their drugs are or who they’re listening to these days, and I’m pretty okay with that. Still, it has been kind of stunning to see the swift ascension of Lady Gaga, who is, I guess, their dance music god these days? I mean, it seems like she went from “who is that chick with all the make-up?” to “OMG PICS OF LADY GAGA WITHOUT MAKE-UP” in a space of like two weeks or something. Anyway, I haven’t heard anything by her-or if I have, I have not had it identified to me as such-but it turns out she’s some kind of reformed Britney Spears acolyte turned innovative genius. Or so says Slate. And, as an old person, I trust those guys.