Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

The New York Stock Exchange's Sarah Palin Shrine

On the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, you'll find lots of fun things! (One of which you would have learned about this morning, if only you were a subscriber to our daily email, which you can sign up for over there —>.) But what takes the cake for fun is this shrine to Sarah Palin-which is actually right near the Fox Business Channel booth, by the way!

Pit Bull In Something

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belltolls (#184)

The bumpkinesque devotion to this woman is beyond me: Aimee Simple McPherson.

Urbania (#94)

she's a pit bull. GET IT????//?

sigerson (#179)

I pray every night to the Almighty that Palin is the Republican candidate for president in 2012. Obama would win every single state except Alaska.

Kataphraktos (#226)

FYI, somehow Gmail marked this morning's email as Spam…

That's because of yesterday. I got a little CAPsy! Now it thinks all my email is spam.

Also the naked pictures.

Hez (#147)

Don't you mean you busted some CAPs in our asses? Come on, Choire, hasn't working with Cho taught you anything about rappin wit da youts?

nuch (#893)

Apparently my work e-mail is not a fan of The Awl. I didn't get the letter and had the WORST DAY EVER. I'm convinced these things are related.

sunnyciegos (#551)

and the C1@L1$!

Abe Sauer (#148)

Sarah Palin's Jewish?

PollyTics (#908)

This revelation is DEEPLY creepy…

lagniappe (#780)

15 more minutes of fart jokes!!!

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