Friday, June 5th, 2009

The Annotated White House Flickr Pool, With Ana Marie Cox & Jason Linkins

PARTY PICS LOLOur nation's greatest resource and triumph: The Official White House Photostream. What a wonderful age in which we live! And here we have Ana Marie Cox (Daily Beast and Playboy contributor) and Jason Linkins (of the Huffington Post) to annotate it for us.

This has to be some kind of "Black Power" signal. RUN AND HIDE!

OMG! Who knew that those "Black Panthers" who "intimidated" voters in Philadelphia with nightsticks played for the Steelers?

1) he reflects in mirrors. who knew?
2) he's visiting the speechwriters, which we know can't be true: teleprompters don't get lonely
3) that goddamn football again.


More terrorism.


Is he trying to be some sort of "post-racial" version of George Allen?

"OOOH! OOOH! Can we have our national security briefing outside? Can we, can weeeee?"

Right, you dope-smoking hippies.

Honestly he has never looked more like Alfred E. Newman.

White House workers prep this weeks harvest of arugula from Michelle Obama's communal garden, so that it can go to make more Ray's "Hell" Burgers.


Children who are old enough to read receive their own free copy of FUGITIVE DAYS, by Bill Ayers.

I just think that's adorable.

As you can see, it's all law enforcement can do to prevent the White House from becoming just like the wilds of goddamned Africa.

Is this considered "native dress"?

We will all dress like Hamid Karzai and like it!

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KarenUhOh (#19)

Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World.

Looking For Comedy in the Muslin Gown.

brianvan (#149)

Every time you see the football, take a drink.

//The Room

Rod T (#33)

RE: Picture 5, outdoors

The White House Sexual Compulsives Anonymous group enjoys a spring day.

delrayser (#319)

Jesus, it's about time you got AMC and Linkins on here.

Matt (#26)

Blue States Lose.

jolie (#16)

Based on the wild exploding of ovaries I just experienced, I think this should be filed under Red States Lose. It works on many levels!

Matt (#26)

You know, I thought of that? But then?

sigerson (#179)

wait, Playboy contributer? !!!

popcesspool (#727)

Bottom picture is obviously Bush's masturbatorium, pre-remodeling.

jaimealyse (#647)

So… uh… y'all on summer Fridays?

hello, hello, is anybody here? you guys left the door open again…

Patrick M (#404)

Someone should tell Denton that the post that got the most page views/comments was the one that came when where there was no staff left.

NinaHagen (#131)

Everyone left at 2:30.

Just the kind of journalistic commentary I want to see! Cheers!

mathnet (#27)

Thing is, this isn't actually funny.

brent_cox (#40)

Reluctantly seconding.

cinetrix (#47)

In photo 2, Obama is standing in front of a framed New Yorker cover of… Obama. Endearing, or "Max on Max" level creepy?

gregorg (#30)

"Terror Wen"?

Hold this New Yorker cover up to a mirror for a secret message!

That wasn't President Obama's reflection in the mirror, people, it was his REVERSE RACISM!

cinetrix (#47)

Where are our charming hosts this morning, I wonder?

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