Friday, June 12th, 2009

Sarah Palin Will Defend, Exploit, Teen Girls' Honor And Self Esteem

I've been thinking a bit about the David Letterman/Sarah Palin kerfuffle that's kept both of them in the news this week, and I had sort of come to the conclusion that, you know what, Letterman was wrong.

Believe me, I am the absolute last person to make judgments about what's in good taste or which subjects you are not allowed to joke about, but on a personal level I found the whole thing a little distasteful. My bottom line-today- is, hey, people get pregnant. Accidents happen. Especially for teens. I understand that there are all sorts of side issues which you can use as a foundation for your comedic outrage, but, at its base, this is essentially Letterman making fun of a teenage girl who got pregnant. (Also, the joke itself was pretty lazy and obvious, but if you've read anything I've written over the last five years you can see how I'm more inclined to be sympathetic about that.) It's a little uncomfortable. You could actually make a case that it represents the kind of prudery and disgust with the idea of sexuality of which liberals are always accusing conservatives of being afflicted. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin had to go on the "Today Show" this morning and discuss it, and now I'm like, you know what? Screw everybody. The idea that this woman-the logical conclusion of the forty years of anti-intellectual boob bait Republican strategists have been throwing at the public with phenomenally successful results-is somehow the defender of teen girls and their self-image is more insulting than any joke Letterman could have told. Unless it was about the Holocaust. You just don't go there.

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mathnet (#27)


mathnet (#27)

You will never know what I was talking about.

lol. fixed!

mathnet (#27)

Looks like my logo has already won! I'll take my $100 in fives and intercourse.

Flashman (#418)

Was this that joke about Rodriguez 'knocking up' her daughter? I totally agree, I thought that that line was just tasteless and not funny at.
I was really surprised; I thought Letterman would have had a bit more sense, or class, than to say something like that.

Rod T (#33)

Letterman was wrong to mention Palin. At all. If her tree falls in the forest, close your ears and eyes so SHE WILL NOT EXIST!.

true, the only real crime here is giving an opportunity to palin to stay in the news cycle.

Abe Sauer (#148)

no kidding. She's talking over Lauer now calling Letterman a "so-called comedian." She's coming across quite well and… sane, actually. Ah, Dave, unintended consequences, etc. Also: is it just because i'm old or does everyone hear "Willow" and think of Warwick Davis?

Hobbesian (#255)

Re: Willow – no, it's not just you. Fun fact of the day – Warwick Davis is also the band leader in all the Harry Potter movies! What did we do before the Intertet?

NicFit (#616)

Please leave the counter-intuitive blogging to Slate.

Pal1nS suk ha ha.

brent_cox (#40)

I'm mostly cheesed no one has brought up the fact that the narrative of a joke is not something that actually happened — it's made up. So there is a difference between accusing someone of being knocked up by ARod and proposing that it would be funny to imagine a world in which someone was knocked up by ARod. Which in turn renders a "How dare you?" toothless.

Also, see Twain w/r/t explaining humor and dissecting frogs.

Indeed. Also kind of an A-Rod joke, isn't it? Like he can't control himself. I was surprised Letterman told the joke, it's not really his style. But it's nothing.

wiilliiaamm (#225)

As a Letterman-man from the early days of his morning show(iwasveryyoung)–I also agree that it was hack, lazy and a cheap shot.

That said–the most unpleasant part of the whole thing is that it gives the Alaskan hack a reason to visit the moral highground–one of those foreign lands she can only see from her house. And that irritates.

ladybug taint (#841)

Jeez – this back and forth between them mirrors exactly the kerfuffle between Donald Trump and Rosie O. It only serves to get publicity for Letterman and relevance for Palin. Both sides know this. Both sides want this. This is why the story will not die.

hman (#53)

Oh brother, even Hannity and Ingraham were talking about this last night.

Hannity wants Letterman fired for this, obviously.

sigerson (#179)

This is such utter bullshit. Letterman was obviously referring to the daughter who had underage sex and got pregnant. THAT daughter is a public figure who advocates for abstinence, appears on the COVER OF PEOPLE MAGAZINE and is fair game. Just like making jokes about Cheney's gay daughter or Meghan Mccain's insanity.

Was it funny? Worth a chuckle or two, I guess. Was it tasteless and "over the line"? Absolutely not.

Aatom (#74)

There are millions of people taking to the streets in Tehran risking life and limb to alter the course of their country's politics, and here we are. Talking about this clown circus.

The only thing Letterman is guilty of is flubbing the research on this joke. If his lazy writers had bothered to check which daughter was at the game with her none of this would have happened. But for fuck's sake, it's a monologue joke. Not a great one. Very few of them are.

Also, if Palin says the words "rape" and "Letterman" in the same sentence again my head may explode with rage.

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