Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Nine Photos Of The High Line

1The High Line park, ten years in the making, officially opened yesterday. What's striking on the High Line, apart from its delightfully uneven poured walkways (the arguments and code-wrangling there must have been!) and benches on wheels, is what you can see not on but from the narrow strip of railway. It presents an idealized, bizarre version of New York City, a west side skyline you haven't seen before. Disorienting! Where are we?

It's like one of those movies set in New York City but clearly filmed in Canada, except this is better than Canada. Also, donating millions of dollars to the park was the smartest thing Barry Diller ever did, because the High Line is the only vantage point onto his Frank Gehry-designed headquarters building that makes it look actually exciting.

There were no poor people there yet. There were many homosexuals.

Here's what you can see: the personal trainer teaching a man boxing in the Equinox; lots of New Jersey; luxury construction both in progress and abandoned; billboards; the General Theological Seminary; the Andy Warhols and Tom Wesselmans inside Phillips auction house; double-tiered parking structures; the exercise yard atop the womens' prison on 20th Street.









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BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

It's basically a Homoist Logan's Run, isn't it? Is the chip in your hand blinking?

You are not wrong!

Some great photos; especially #6 (Empire State Building shot) and #8 (what used to be a station?).

Moet folks: open a damned bar on the Highline, stat! I want to know what you guys do all day downstairs.

SeaBassTian (#281)

For all the lavish press it has been receiving, the park looks pretty vacant. But I am glad to hear that there was a high preponderance of homosexuals. Could this become an upscale version of the West Side Piers?

Sure, but the weather has been shitty of late.

The good part is that the really annoying people can be conveniently pushed off the side. SPLAT! Bye bye….

NinaHagen (#131)

The benches are narrow – no fatties!

I also felt the people stationed at all exits were vaguely fascist which made me want to smoke a doob & take a piss over the side…

I kept thinking that too! I was like, "But what about the people of size"???

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

And the people of smoke.

propertius (#361)

ADA lawsuit.

josh_speed (#97)

More pictures and video, please. Gorgeous!

Are those press photos or originals? I want to know if an actual act of reporting is what I'm smelling here.

(If so, excellent work.)

I don't go outside very much. ALSO my camera is heavy. So you guys will get photoshoots out of me like once a month at best.

NinaHagen (#131)

And what's up with the amphitheater seating so you can watch 10th Ave.? I mean, it just screams "Feed me a Hammer Pants Flash Mob."

I saw someone trip on the benches too which was awesome because he was so embarrassed. And hurt I think.

Hez (#147)

Choire, this is only SLIGHTLY better than Canada. You are officially invited to visit and contrast and compare for yourself.

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