Jake Tapper Opens Floodgates Of AMERICAN OBAMA-MUSLIM FURY

TAPPER ATE OBAMA'S CAKE! MUSLIM CAKE!While Politico trumpets that the President is busy speaking Arabic in Arabia – “‘Shukran,’ Obama said, using the Arabic word for ‘thank you.'” – they are losing the morning to ABC’s Jake Tapper, who today blew the lid off how Barack Hussein Obama is not afraid of his SECRET MUSLIM ROOTS. And America is so happy to have this truth validated!

From the comments on Jake Tapper’s article!

  • For those who don’t believe America is under British rule then set Google as your home page then clear all cookies from computer, then reopen your browser and check your cookies. Don’t be surprised to see who is tracking your every move.
  • This “Prez” has so many skeletons in the basement, why don’t we start to bet as to when Rothschild/Rockefeller will drop him? After all, a Kenyan-born Indonesian Muslim should not be president of the US. But perhaps he serves just to create a precedent for the next election. You know, if you elected Obama, you can vote for Arnold as well, can’t you? Now this 2012 scam is starting to make sense: the world (as you knew it) will end with 2012 president elect Adolf Schwarzenegger. Why didn’t I see it before?
  • Some of us tried to connect him tohis muslim roots, but were called racists. The same will be true of this Sotomoyer. We have been warned that to oppose her we do so at our own peril. Nice threatening words from Chuck Shuemer. She will be appointed and then we will really have buyer’s remorse as she will be on the court for life. That could be 40 years. Forty years of empathy for her chosen groups. Bye,bye white man. Bye,bye, property rights. If the government needs your job or your property they can just take it.
  • Obama should not be allowed to reenter this country
  • obama has destroyed the American economy fast and more completely than his buddy muslims that murdered 3000 people when they crashed into the World Trade Center buildings!
  • Perhaps he’ll be coming back from the Middle East wearing a Towel on his head, and my question is will it be a Designer Towel or a Made in the USA Cannon Towel?…maybe thats made in China now too.
  • Obama is a lying fraud and the “Press” are little more than propaganda tools of the Left. Make no mistake. America is under the control of the Neo-Fasists, and the funding is straight from the queers in Hollywood.