Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Errol Morris Names His Top Five Favorite Films

Herein, Errol Morris names his favorite films-and you literally cannot predict what his number one film is. You CANNOT, I SAY.

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wiilliiaamm (#225)

That sound….is my jaw hitting the floor.
He had me all the way to #4. And now I hunger for #5.

KarenUhOh (#19)

God. Hope he doesn't turn on Maury Povich.

BillyMilder (#723)

I love Sullivan's Travels. And now I'm going to rent Detour and The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On. Thanks Errol! Oh, and I love your movie Vernon, Florida.

My Dream Date. Sorry, Balk, you can come along and hold the popcorn.

fek (#93)

So, question: if you had to pick a favorite blog post, would number one involve something that resulted in someone getting put in a choke hold?

Slava (#216)

Only if they killed and cannibalized your fellow soldiers.

Flashman (#418)

Damn, no bittorrent for Detour, or TENAMO…

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Booty Call? Really, Errol?

Yes, exactly. Jesus. What? Man. I gotta say he really sells 'em. Except Psycho; I'm unmoved by his fascination with Ed Gein.

He and Stanley Fish are the future of the New York Times.

NinaHagen (#131)

Love me some Detour – hate his cheesy re-enactments. Thanks Errol for totally fucking up PBS with your America's Most Wanted,/i> crap.

NinaHagen (#131)

See – I got all worked up…

Hez (#147)

Okay, dead thread but I just watched The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On last night, and holy fuck. It's THAT GOOD.

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