Do Not Pay Emergency Room Bills, Poors. This Is How.

NOT YOUR MOMMA'S "ER"I frequently meet people, most of them young and poor, who are burdened by debts to emergency rooms, and I am always shocked that these people with no money are even considering paying. Here is how it is done, in a strangely servicey explanation from Vice.

As a person with next to no money, my approach to personal finance borrows very heavily from my understanding of The Great Depression and the film The Road Warrior. Therefore, I conduct myself at all times with a shameless, don’t-care-how-embarrassing pragmatism. So whenever a problem with my health presents itself, I just head to the emergency room with no intention of paying anyone for anything… As long as I don’t delude myself with dreams of one day financing a house or of answering my phone without getting yelled at by a stranger, emergency rooms are basically a Supermarket Sweep of free medical treatment.