Monday, June 29th, 2009

'Avenue Q' Done Raking in Enormous Amounts of Cash

IT'S GOT PUPPETS AND SHITAnd Avenue Q has just announced it is closing, with a final show on September 13th. The dirty puppet show "about 20-somethings who move to the city with big dreams and tiny bank accounts" (I dunno, I never saw it!) grossed $117 million, just completed a two-year national tour, and will have been the 20th longest running show in Broadway history. But apparently that is done now. Also tickets are still like $958.99, so I probably won't ever see it.

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sigerson (#179)

You missed out on some fine puppet sex, dude.

jaimealyse (#647)

It is, in my professional dramaturgical opinion, one of the best-crafted musicals ever. It's also dirty and hilarious.

And hey, lookee! Discounts –

I bet it's also at the TKTS booth and on TDF, too. Seriously worth it.

jaimealyse (#647)

Ooh, y'all added paragraph breaks.

I love it.

Liquid (#546)

If you don't catch the show, listen to the soundtrack.
Most of the plot is there, and it is, shall we say, 'unlike' other Broadway musicals.

Well-composed and hilarious at the same time.
And yes, puppet sex. *Loud* puppet sex.

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