The Pride, Part Three: Guests And The Sapphic Chorus Arrive

The Pride

INT. OMAR’S APARTMENT, 108 Fifth Avenue
OMAR is fluffing grey and ecru corduroy pillows on the Vladimir Kagan sectional sofa upholstered in Edelman “Luxe Calf” Butter Rum. “The Flash” by Act Yo Age plays at a moderate volume. Jauntily, he passes to the “kitchen area” where he grabs a BioBag 10-gallon white garbage bag and then heads to the front door. Opening the front door, he faces GREG and MARK.

[surprised] How did you get…? I… Oh! [looking at garbage bag] Oh. Ha! Hi, babies! How did you get up here? [while kissing hello, but keeping an obvious distance] And what happened to you. You look the mess!

GREG and MARK enter, passing OMAR, who puts the garbage bag down in the front hall.

[while removing shoes, socks, and shirt] Yeah, we’ve been biking up and down the Hudson since after brunch with Felix, Donny, and the Mikes over at Ono. We’re going to take a shower.

[pulling off shirt] You don’t mind, do you, Omar? How’s the parade?

[while checking out the disrobing duo] Loud. The parade is loud, just like every year. That’s why I’ve got the music up so loud. I didn’t even hear you ring the bell. [looking at the garbage bag] You know where everything is, so clean up. Stephen and Eric should be here soon too.

[naked, holding a bundle of clothing at his torso] Thanks, poops. Then we’ll look at that eye of yours.

MARK GREG into the HALLWAY, dropping the clothing bundle outside the door.

OMAR turns to a 26-inch round mirror at the entrance and examines his eye, then picks up the garbage bag and opens the door. In the doorway stand STEPHEN and ERIC and the BROOKLYN LESBIANS.

STEPHEN and ERIC [unison]

Sweet baby Jesus. Hel-LO! [walking into the “kitchen area” and setting the garbage bag down] Get IN here! Who are your, uh, ladyfriends?

The music changes to “Love Game” by Lady Gaga.

STEPHEN and ERIC enter the apartment followed by the BROOKLYN LESBIANS. CORY leads, wearing a ratty, faded Lesbians on Ecstasy tee and skin-tight American Apparel corduroy short-shorts. KELLI and JILL follow. Both wear Hanes white v-neck tees and faded Levi’s 501 jeans cut-off to short shorts and Converse Chuck Taylor High-Tops.

Don’t worry, toots. We brought beer. [facing OMAR, extending her hand for a handshake] I’m Cory. Cory Phaeus. [pointing over her shoulder] That’s Kelli and Jill.

KELLI and JILL each give an acknowledging head nod in OMAR’s direction.

All-righty. [extended pause as both parties sort of examine one another, much as a gorilla might examine a spaceship] Let’s go out to the livingroom!

Cory works with me at the agency in production. We literally bumped into each other on the street and they were on the way to go use the bathroom at Splash and, well, you have a bathroom, and, we’re all here!

Don’t worry about…

GREG and MARK exit the bathroom with towels wrapped around their waists

[singing, and thrusting his torso to the music] I wanna take a ride on your disco stick, your disco stick, your- [noticing the new arrivals and shooting a look of utter confusion toward CORY, KELLI, and JILL] Oh. This is different.

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