Friday, May 1st, 2009

Woo hoo, new flu!

Tired of swine flu? Good news! "A patient who saw a doctor in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, is suspected of having contracted a new strain of influenza, Nagoya city officials said Friday." Before everyone runs off half-cocked in all directions, can we just agree right now that we're going to call this one "Aichi Breaky Heart"?

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Sarcastro (#328)

Easy, now.

Flu viruses mutate constantly and new strains emerge all the time. A flu virus has eight genes. Let's say a person is infected with a known strain of flu. Then, let's say, that person becomes infected with a flu virus from, say, a pig.

What happens is that the person's cells are tricked into replicating virus A and virus B and as the viral DNA is churned out, new, novel flu viruses are assembled from the 16 genes now present in the body.

Just because a virus is novel does not have any implications regarding its virulence. Could be mild. Could be a killer.

That said, "Aichi Breaky Heart" is amusing.

No, we will call it that Aichi Aichoos.

the Aichi Aichoos. fuckingfingers…

WindowSeat (#180)

Aichi H1N1

Aichi Double Hockey Sticks.

hman (#53)

Mt. Fluji

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