Why Is Mark Sanchez Wearing Such Disgusting Clothing?

NOT QUITE DIRTY SANCHEZI was kind of excited for this GQ photo spread of Mark Sanchez, the new quarterback for the New York Jets! Until I saw how unbelievably ghetto the clothing was. Um, “Swim trunks, $28, by American Apparel”? Really? “Sunglasses by Ray-Ban”? LOL. “Jacket, $175, by A|X Armani Exchange”? Barf. Who would be caught dead in this garbage? Ha ha: “Sweatpants, $40, by J. Crew.” OMG: “Hoodie, $98, by Perry Ellis.” It goes on and on! “T-shirt, $44, by French Connection.” This is so humiliating! Who is doing the styling at GQ now-someone’s mom in Minnesota?