They Are Taking All The Joy Out Of Smoking

My left index finger has been intermittently numb for about the last week or so; at first I put it down to some manifestation of carpal tunnel or such, but now I’m thinking maybe it’s somehow related (hopefully subconsciously) to those grisly new anti-smoking ads the city is running in the subways. I mean, Jesus fuck. I’m 36 years old, I probably should quit; it’s kind of ridiculous to still be smoking at this age. But ohmygod cigarettes are so good. If my only choice is to keep my digits but balloon another twenty pounds and be generally irritable (yeah, yeah, moreso), I think I’m just gonna suck it up and go the Rahm Emmanuel route. Next time you see me I’ll be doing a spot where I’m holding up a mangled fist under the caption “My love of smoking robbed me of my love of blogging – Alex, Manhattan.” Ugh. I need a cigarette.