Friday, May 1st, 2009

Talking Hats: Wonkette's Ken Layne Explains Swine Flu And OMG THE TERORR SEND HEL–

In today's video with Ken Layne of Wonkette, I wanted to get him to explain the politics of swine flu. BUT I STUMBLED INTO A ZONE OF FLU TERROR.
Previously: Talking Hats One.

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jolie (#16)


ljnd (#86)

My thoughts precisely.

Perhaps he shouldn't wear shorts after all.

jolie (#16)

Perhaps you're out of your God damned mind. And pay attention in class, it's Balk who isn't to wear shorts.

And is it just me, or is he managing to make the certainly-flu-ridden Mexican facemask look freakishly attractive?

(Also, I giggled for a solid several seconds — a lot for me! — when you lit the cig, Choire!)

BeRightBack (#59)
BeRightBack (#59)

One second thought, this link might imply that I think Choire needs "support" – like glamorous TV star Loni Anderson! This is not true.

I just meant that Choire a) possesses legs, and b) knows how to use them.

WindowSeat (#180)

Fantastic, it's like a SciFi(SyFy!)Channel original movie with an X-Tube quality crotch shot! Moar plz.

The special effects at the end were a little scary.

I hope the horses are ok.

But what about the rabbits, George?

Fredrick (#268)

Yeah, that crossed my mind. Via Xtube, this video would also have a "feet" tag.

I can't see Ken Layne's beard I don't believe it's him.

Hey Choire, here's a tip: Chew nicotine gum, and you won't have to smoke through the mask.

Really, it's not the healthiest thing to do. The RIGHT way is to light the cig, burn a hole in the mask and smoke it through the hole.

Bite your tongue! That was adorable.

I've decided that if things get really bad with the flu, I'm going to wear my panties over my head instead of a face mask. Because I'll be very very drunk all the time.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

At 0:34, I swear I saw balls. And now I can't unsee them.

NinetyNine (#98)

Do the masks in the screencap mean this video is chewing free?

LolCait (#460)



Bentpost (#190)

You know, Choire, had you done that little cigarette-mask maneuver in a motion picture, you'd have been nominated for an Oscar. ALL ABOUT THE PROPS!

mcaldecutt (#430)

In Talking Hats 3, will we learn Layne's fate? Will he remain in technicolor forever?

hman (#53)

Is the cat OK?!?!
[I don't really care about the cat]

I love this! And I love Choire rolling around on the ground floor of safety goggle chic.

iexcite (#537)

fing hilarious. now unlock the embed feature you bastards.

mathnet (#27)

Do you always practice yoga with socks on your hands? In addition to the usual shirt, shorts and haz-mat gear?

BoHan (#29)

Granted, a little slow to the draw here, but JFC you two are so high it's amazing my laptop hasn't been arrested yet. Man, I so hope that's true, because then it would be quadruple hilarious to watch every week.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Don't worry, boys. I'm hanging an IM Drip.

Last week Ken was bare-chested, as some of us observed (i.e., fantasized).

And now this week Choire is–every so thrillingly–bare-legged.

Do continue laddies.

I can't wait for this rivalry's inevitable conclusion: bare-assed wrestling in the midddle of the country. Perhaps in front of the St. Louis Arch.

KarenUhOh (#19)

I'm in front of the Arch, naked, but I'm sort of stuck in a four-finger toehold.

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