Friday, May 8th, 2009

Talking Hats: The Awl & Wonkette's Promo Reel For Advertisers!

This week, in our little Friday afternoon video chats, I wanted to ask Ken Layne of important politics site Wonkette a bit about the White House Correspondents Dinner, which is happening down in D.C. this weekend. That was exciting, if slightly terrifying, but! Then Ken showed me our new promo reel, that he made for advertisers for both our sites. Wow! This is going to bring in the big bucks, man! It's just like the one Gawker Media released this week. I think this will really knock your socks off. ARE YOU READY?


Also please note you can see the flipside of the video on Wonkette. It's like the space-future!

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El Matardillo (#586)

Wow. A giant, talking bumblebee. Cool.

Rod T (#33)

That's not income you see. It's locusts.

You know what this video needs? "MmmBop" by Hanson.

belltolls (#184)

Hint: These would be easier to do if you guys weren't BOTH hungover at the same time.

mathnet (#27)

I enjoy the hell out of your fidgeting, Choire. Plus! 14% less length in your promo reel!

All I have to say until I view these videos with sound.

davidwatts (#72)

Two Insane People

Starring Choire, wearing the clothes of the lounge singer he recently murdered, and Ken, coming to you from his separatist compound in the middle of the desert.

copyranter (#440)

You guys need an ad agency…or a freelance ad guy.

Abe Sauer (#148)

This video looks like a French journalist using Skype to interview the Taliban headmaster at an Afghan training camp.

Too slick and corporate for my taste.

Ted Maul (#205)

Is it me, or is Choire looking a bit David Thewlis-y there?

wiilliiaamm (#225)

what dandy bunker are you broadcasting from Sicha? The lighting of your small screen contrasting with the Big Sky view of the other is rock AND roll.

Dare I say you may be flirting with a signature look -

mathnet (#27)

OK I can't actually hear Ken very well so I may be going deaf? But it sounded he called Choire "PSYCH-uh."

BeRightBack (#59)

What does it say about me that what made me laugh the most were the silly voices in the promo reel? Not flattering things, perhaps, but here we are nonetheless.

gregorg (#30)

Is that the covershot from your comeback album, Choire with an H?

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