Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Supplicant Obama Humiliates Nation

I mean, seriously, it's not even FAIR at this point.White House Flickr Feed, via Ben Smith: "President Barack Obama bends over so the son of a White House staff member can pat his head during a family visit to the Oval Office May 8, 2009. The youngster wanted to see if the President's haircut felt like his own."

Yes, it is BEYOND ADORABLE, but how long before Fox News starts criticizing the President for BOWING?

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mathnet (#27)

Ooooh, is Barack Obama finally a Christian?

David Cho (#3)

This feels racist.

sigerson (#179)

First thought: Pictures of Obama and little kids just make me weepy.

Second thought: get rid of Bush's "optimism" rug already!!! And what's with the Remington? Is Barack going to set up a faux ranch like Bush and take long vacations to clear brush and ride mountain bikes?

BillyMilder (#723)

WTF, now he's letting a midget protect the presidential desk?

Bush would never have allowed unjacketed children in his Oval Office.

Abe Sauer (#148)

$20 says this is the largest proportion of non-white Americans ever in the Oval Office.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Awwww, now I want one of my own!

By which I don't mean a child, but a black president.

He's making America weak!

hman (#53)

'fro, yo.

mathnet (#27)

Screw the dog; this man wants a son.

BronxWASP (#415)

Don't even joke! He's happy with his lovely daughters!

Ted Maul (#205)

This brings back horrible memories of something my younger brother did when he was about the same age. Same gist, different context.

dado (#102)

If anyone complains I'm going to call it nitpicking.

sargasm (#104)

Sargasm liked this.

Patrick M (#404)

It's cute until you find out the kid's name is "General Zod".

BronxWASP (#415)

I totally just plotzed all over my keyboard. Please keep 'em coming!

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