Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Reviews Sneakily Vandalized On E-Book Seller Sites

Last week, Amazon purchased the company that makes Stanza, the really quite awesome book reader for the iPhone. (It is basically the only way I read books anymore.) But lurking somewhere in their book-selling vendors, particularly Fictionwise, which is now-awkwardly owned by Barnes & Noble, there is a vandal defacing reviews. A wonderful, hilarious, subtle vandal, as this screenshot shows.

What starts off as Michael Crichton boilerplate slobbering turns delightful:
Michael Gets Crichton'd

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Chazerim (#532)

This assures Cricton readers he wrote the book.

Chazerim (#532)

Or Crichton.

wiilliiaamm (#225)

Wait…what? No more books? When did this happen…I thought those goofy ads were for the seniors who are to arthritic to turn pages…not for us youngs and beautifuls who still love to lick a finger before flipping the page. So…what…Now I gotta go to the local Best Buy to get my read on?

ljnd (#86)

I suspect this is a licensed review; most online bookstores license their synopses/reviews from Bowker or Ingram or Baker & Taylor (or all three), supplementing them with reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. So I don't think it's as vandal-driven as all that….If it is, it's pretty mild. I was running the customer reviews area of B&N.com when they first started up, and let me tell you, the idea that just anybody could post their opinion about a book pissed off so many authors, we found ourselves fending off lawsuits on a regular basis.

You've just undone years of therapy. Thanks for nothin'!

ljnd (#86)

My pleasure, as always, dear.

alorsenfants (#139)

"(It is basically the only way I read books anymore.)"

You'll get over it. 'Specially when your battery dies in the middle of some un-putdownable scene!

Elsewhere — I just got a unit made by TEAC that allows me to convert all my old LPs to CDs. But do I love handling the old records while I'm doing that? Oh yes!


Not Really All That Old

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