Thursday, May 7th, 2009

'Observer' Offered Cleaning Lady Half The Pay Before Firing

Dilbert Wuz Right!A little bit more on the New York Observer's firing of the long-time cleaning lady: apparently the paper's owner, Donald Trump's maybe-soon-to-be son-in-law Jared Kushner, offered her the possibility of staying on-if she worked for half the pay! What a world. (Perhaps she was pulling down six figures? We suspect: no.) And also, who knew Dilbert was so totally on the money these days?

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Dilbert is never, ever, right on the money. If he were, I would have offed myself long ago.

narnio (#38)

Wow, you guys have NYO Cleaning Lady Gate on LOCKDOWN.

Well, you know–gotta follow one's interests!

Don't ask me about the "stock market" though.

Maybe he could have kept her on half-time and hired her for the other half to clean his new multi-million dollar apartment.

And what an amazing deal-maker this guy is, negotiating pay rates with the cleaning lady! Even Donald Trupm had to start somewhere, I guess.

mathnet (#27)

Charitable question: Is it possible that she wanted to retire and he just couldn't bear to let her go? And so made the half-time, half-pay offer?

That storyline has not yet emerged in any of the conversations I have heard! But I will fish for it.

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