He Resides In A Subaquatic Tropical Fruit

Goes great with drugsIf you’re like me, one of your favorite ways to unwind in the evening is to get super-high and watch Nickelodeon cartoons. (I think “Fairly OddParents” is nothing short of genius, but I am generally stoned out of my gourd when I watch it, so who knows.) A friend of mine is a gigantic fan of SpongeBob SquarePants, the absorbent and porous fast-food employee whose booty was so recently admired by Sir Mix-a-Lot. “He’s just so happy,” she says, and it’s true. The sheer joy contained within that iconic yellow frame is indeed infectious, especially if you are baked to oblivion. Anyway, James Parker offers an appreciation in The Atlantic which provides a slightly more highbrow take on the character’s appeal and should convince you, if such approval is necessary, that it’s totally okay to enjoy the show. Particularly if you’re really blazed.